Her Munificently Amorous Highness Hajna-Qualour (the Hadjin)

Despite having made a pilgrimage through the Wilderlands, we were not able to spend time in Hadj, the entrance fees proving beyond our means; by the capricious grace of the Ten Thousand we were able to produce this image of H.M.A.H. Hajna-Qualour, an expatriate Hadjin living in Zandu.

H.M.A.H. is, I am given to understand, one of the seven richest people in Zanth, and her great wealth buys her respect even from the Sultan. He gifted her with two of his handmaidens, pictured here, who attend her at all times with utter, worshipful deference.

It seems that when you have servants attending literally to your every need, mere corsets, bustiers, brassieres, and merry-widows are quite unnecessary; all your best features can be displayed with suitable prominence through the dedicated efforts of your retinue.

Apparently nostalgic for the pleasures of green skin that she knew at home in Hadj, she treated Fahfion to a night’s revelry; he assures me that her handmaidens are ready, willing, and able to assist her at all times, with her every need.