A Tanasian Beauty

The Work

The "Girls of Talislanta" series of hand-colored imprints has rocketed the Zandir gentleman's publication "Feast of Ardan" to fame and fortune. Now in demand across Zandu and in many surrounding countries, it is even believed to have been smuggled into Aaman.

The Artists

Fahfion is a Cymrillian rogue, late of Cymril, recently of Zanth. His deft way with women has earned him the job of finding models for the Girls of Talislanta series. His deft way with a brush has earned him the task of tinting the images in a manner suitable for reproduction using certain arcane techniques he has imported from Cymril.

Of Eerduz, the draughtsman, little is known. He is a reclusive Zandir charlatan, and there are rumors he has achieved wild and arcane powers by means of his mad scribblings. However, these rumors were almost certainly spread by Eerduz himself; all we know for a fact is that he likes drawing naked females of various cultures, races, and species.

Aamanet is a defrocked and exocommunicated Aamanian Priest, cursed to travel th continent in search of a mysterious Dhuna witch who has stolen his heart.

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