Kya-Kya The Blue Aeriad

I was introduced to Kya-Kya by a mercenary acquaintance of mine. She told me of a beautiful friend of hers who might be interesting in appearing in the Feast of Ardan. I told her to send the friend my way! Imagine my suprise when this blue, buxom, be-crested beauty walked though my door.

Kya-kya had spent several years in the army of the Seven Kingdoms, but decided to muster out, become a mercenary, and move to the Western Lands. She acts as a guide and bodyguard, services I myself have employed from her. She led me into the Werewood on an expedition to find some un-plundered Phaedran tombs. I am thankful I hired her! She dispatched a exomorph that attacked us with several quick shots from her tri-bow. Brutal and beautiful!