Desrelene the Cymrillian

Desrelene is a fellow Cymrilian, who is also a former classmate from the Lyceum Arcanum, and a dear friend. She is one of the most brilliant scholars of her generation and has turned her mind to a most noble endeavor: recovering the lost magical erotic art of erotomancy.

She first found a reference to erotomancy in a scroll in the Lyceum Arcanum’s secret archives and has since been searching for more information. We met again in Zanth, as she had come to the old home of the Phaedran empire hoping to find something in the library of the Institute of Paradoxy.

This drawing of her was done on the evening before she left for the Library of Jaalad, following another lead. I must admit to you, dear reader, that I am a sponsor, the primary sponsor to Desrelene and her research. A percentage of every sale of the Feast of Ardan goes to assist her. With your help, we can bring back the a field of magic devoted to the erotic. Just imagine!