Azaliana the Muse

I caught a glimpse of this pastel colored beauty during my first weeks in Zanth. At the time she was perpetually on the arm of Thaenala, a duelist of no mean skill. Months laters, while at enjoying a meal at the Exquisitorium, her representative approached me; a small brown whisp named Jhaz. The diminutive creature told me that Azaliana had heard of my publication, and wanted to model. Yes dear reader, sometimes it is just that easy.

Not long after posing for The Feast, I noticed the whisp seemed to be in the area of Eerduz’s home quite a bit. After seeing the creature several evenings in a row outside of Eerduz’s home, I inquired after Azaliana. He informed me that she had fallen passionately in love with my artist friend, and spent her days posing for him, and her nights… well, Jhaz was sullen that once night came, it was banished from the manse. I took the whisp with me to a nearby tavern, where it drank away it’s sorrows with a thimble of aquavit. Sometimes Eerduz is a luck son of an Aamanian!