Thisia the Thiasian

I first laid eyes on Thisia watching a performance she and her troupe were giving at Risque. I had just lost a large pile of pentacles in a game of Quatrillion, and was feeling down, when I heard upbeat, exotic music coming from the performance hall.

A dozen violet skinned forms, danced, contorted and writhed to the melody, and I was mesmerized. My melancholy was instantly gone. After the performance, I spoke to the troupe, praising their skill. One of their number, Thisia, caught my eye, and agreed to join me for a drink.

There are those that find the vizard masks that the Thiasians wear to be disconcerting, but I find them mysterious and exotic – erotic even. She specializes in contortions and proceeded to show me a series of poses. I knew instantly that she needed to grace the pages of the Feast.

As an aside, the quaal in the picture is my very own pet, Kest. He took an immediate liking to the lithe acrobat. Who wouldn’t?

– Fahfion