Laastrial the Phantasian

The Silver Pentacle limped it’s way to the floating city of Cabal Magicus after our nearly fatal run-in with a sea dragon. I for one was happy to be on relatively stable ground. I was discovering that travel by windship did not agree with me, but the captain assured me I would get my “air legs” eventually.

Cabal Magicus. Once upon a time I imagine it was a splendid city. It still is a marvel to behold, floating high above the Isle of Phantas, the chains of adamant that connect it to the isle glistening in the moons light. But now it seems sad; run down. The streets and causeways are quiet and devoid of activity.

Our host, one Maldarune, upon learning of Eerduz and my mission, suggested we visit the Lady Laastrial. She had, or so he claimed, ran a pleasure dome, though he had regrettably never been there. She was very particular about those she let in, and apparently, he do not meet her standards.

Armed with the finest bottle of aquavit that I was willing to part with, my comrade and I found ourselves at the gates of the pleasure dome. I must say that it was much more stately than most of Cabal Magicus. We were met by Laastrial herself. Much to our surprise, she was expecting us. In fact, she knew of us! Somehow, several early copies of The Feast of Ardan had come into her possession.

There was a lot of drinking, carousing with her lovely friends, and eventually imbibing of dream essences. I must tell you, mixing the purple and sliver produced some of the most interesting dreams I have ever had. Eeruduz quaffed several of the rainbow hued. The next morning he had a very thoughtful expression, but when pressed, would not comment on the contents of his nocturnal phantasma.