Zhan-Lin the Mandalan

After a nearly disastrous stop-over in Harak, Eerduz and myself, along with the the trusty crew of the Silver Pentacle, crossed into the civilized lands of the Quan Empire. After paying a ludicrous amount of lumens, we were giving an official seal which allowed us to travel among the Empire, though not without an escort. In our case, it was a rather charming Ispasian lass named Ispala. But more on her later…

Our adventures in the Quan Empire were many, but the one that brings Zhan-Lin into the story is as follows: While in Jacinth, Eerduz found himself kidnapped by a mad Quan who wanted to keep him and his artistic talents all to herself. This was unacceptable, and I discretely inquired for some assistance. I was contacted by one of the legendary Mystic Warriors. It was none other than Zhan-Lin. She agreed to help if I would agree to smuggle her out of the Quan Empire. How could I refuse?

As a side note, while in captivity, Eerduz was able to sketch many lovely ladies of the the Quan Empire. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed!