Suraj Ozir of Rajan

It was during our trip to Faradun that we met Suraj Ozir, and it was a strange meeting indeed. I had made some discrete, extremely discrete inquiries about possibly finding a Rajan lady to model for us. I really had no hopes for it actually occurring, when the Ten Thousand smiled upon us. I was given directions by one of my contacts to proceed to an establishment called The Exquisite Torment, and ask for Suraj Ozir.

With Eerduz in tow, I headed to the infamous house, and asked for an audience with Suraj Ozir. The Rajan dominatrix met with us, and through a translator, listened to our proposition. She appraised us with her piercing red eyes, and I admit, I wanted nothing more than to flee and discard the idea of including a Rajan in the Feast of Ardan.

She said she would do it on one condition. She would accept no pay, but instead one of us, myself or Eerduz, would spend a session with her. If she judged her “plaything” (her word) worthy, she would do it. I promptly excused myself from the honor, claiming that the braised avir I had eaten for lunch was not agreeing with me. Eerduz glared at me, but accepted his fate with a shrug. With haste, I left the The Exquisite Torment, and spent the evening with several bottles of strong wine.

In the morning, Eerduz returned to our suite with his drawings, but said nothing of his time with Suraj Ozir. To this day, he refuses to discuss that evening, though I am sure I detect a haunted look in his eyes when the subject is broached.