Khryseis the Cymrilian

Khryseis is a Cymrilian erotomancer–learned in the arts of using magic for pleasure, as well as using pleasure for divination. She is also somewhat of a shaman, able to find lost loves and remove minor curses.

I approached her out of desperation, to see if she could free me of the witch’s curse. Khryseis read the lines in my palm and plucked three hairs from my unshaved head, which she burned in a brazier while chanting a spell. Neither of these rituals gave her any more insight into my plight, unfortunately.

She suggested something more thorough; more…involved. An ancient erotomancy spell which would help her delve deep into the darkest corners of my heart.

And so, I spent the night in her arms, opening myself to her as she opened herself to me, chanting breathlessly all the while. In the morning, I was given bad news: The witch’s curse wasn’t borne of magic, but of my own desire. Upon seeing that Dhuna bathing in the river (which seemed like a lifetime ago), I had cursed myself with lust for the witch.

My quest continued.